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Morse Information Technology Holding Company is a Saudi closed joint stock company that was established in 2021 with a capital of 500,000 riyals. Morse sufficient trading company, which is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2023, and the company invests part of its capital in joint stock companies listed in the Saudi stock market. And numbers to translate encrypted messages that direct human behavior to bridge the long distance gap and to carry urgent messages that only those who master the code can know! While we at Morse are working on translating technical and investment ideas into innovative digital and realistic solutions that push the Morse team to study expansion and spread to achieve the goals of the company's investors, partners and human cadres towards growth and prosperity.


Our mission is to employ information technology in the business sector in a new way, as we seek to invent our own code for a bright and brilliant future


Our vision is a promising future full of achieved goals, as we seek to prove excellence in establishing pioneering technical projects in the community and attract partners and beneficiaries of the services provided that seek to achieve the mutual need between us

Our services

Project research and analysis

Morse provides a comprehensive study to their clients because project analysis is the foundation of their success

User Interface Design

To keep the user's experience distinct and fresh each time users visit your website our team is working on designing your website with a highly technical vision

Website development

Websites may be the first point of contact between you and the customer, and because their importance in providing information about your project

Development of applications

People are becoming more reliant on smart device applications, and the demand for them has increased

Technical project management, operation, and development

Your one-of-a-kind and unparalleled online presence has become a requirement if you want to stay competitive.

Technical project hosting

Morse works to make hosting integrated and with amazing capabilities that ensure your site's success.

Our articles

Using technology in digital marketing
Marketing has been known for thousands of years and gained popularity in the late nineteenth century, but it was not an academic subject prior to the twentieth century.
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Technology investment
The great global developments that our world is witnessing at various levels necessitate us being very alert and competing with the world in our technical ideas and innovations in various investments and projects, as we now see a group of young Saudi men and women competing with global investors with their innovations, as many of them have received successful and diverse investment rounds based on technology.
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What is artificial intelligence and how does it work?
It refers to systems or devices that perform tasks by simulating human intelligence and can improve themselves based on the data they collect. Artificial intelligence is more concerned with the ability to think and analyse data than with any specific form or function. The central tenet of AI is to simulate and transcend human perception and interaction with the world around us
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The impact of web design on customer first impressions
With the increased spread of websites and the increased demand for them, competition among them has increased, and it has become necessary to be distinguished in order to leave a great impression and impact on customers and visitors, as the more Your website design is attractive and professional, the more customers trust your products and services.
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